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Exclusively for the preferred clients of Banks, CPA's, Attorneys, and other financial professionals


Bankers Fidelity offers this unique loan product in the world of business financing.


Whereas Asset-Based Lending requires a more sophisticated approach to the accounting and reporting requirements of asset based lending, accounts receivable

lines of credit, etc.


And Factoring counts on a consistent stream of invoices on a monthly basis, Single Invoice Financing may be the solution.


With Single Invoice Financing,  the borrower can offer just one invoice (limited to larger invoices) to be financed with no on-going commitment to finance additional invoices.


This is a great solution for borrowers who sell big ticket items on a sporadic basis.



Your bank is certainly your best option when securing business financing for your company.


The bank can secure your accounts receivables, inventory, equipment and other assets as collateral.


But banks play close attention to the on-going

profitability of the company.


When misfortune hits, and the company starts to lose money, banks often have no choice but

to ask you to receive temporary relief until you once again become "bankable".  That's where

Bankers Fidelity comes in.  


We provide business financing solutions in which we put more emphasis on the quality of

your receivables than your financials...offering

you a solution until company fortunes improve.



Factoring is designed for those companies that need financing but may be too young to qualify for a business line of credit from a bank or may not have sufficient systems or expertise in place to provide the accounting and monitoring requirements of Asset-Based Lending.


In factoring, the lender finances a stream of invoices on a monthly basis providing you with cash up front instead of having to wait 30 to

60 days until customers pay you. 


Since the payment history of your customers is the primary lender concern, your company's financial strength is of less concern.


This is a great alternative for new companies that don't yet have a profitable history or the financial strength that banks require.



Business Financing Solutions with less stringent requirements than financial institutions

"Our company fell on some hard times so our financials were not as strong as they could be.  Our long-time banker introduced us to Bankers Fidelity to refinance our business financing on a temporary basis while we become strong and "bankable" once again.  Bankers Fidelity cared more about the strength of our receivables than our current financial status and arranged the financing in no time"


Carlton W. - Manufacturer and Business Owner

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