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Exclusively for the preferred clients of Banks, CPA's, Attorneys, and other financial professionals


We partner with your Bank or Financial Professional to provide the lowest competitive rates on home loans...rates that beat the "big banks".  Plus, we provide a "Private Client" approach to our relationship with you.  This means that you receive the utmost in attention and customer are not just a "number".


  • Purchase or Refinance

  • Conforming Loans to $726,525

  • Jumbo Loans to $5,000,000

  • 15, 20 and 30 year fixed rate

  • 5, 7, and 10 year "fixed/adustable" options

  • No Prepayment Penalties

  • No Points or Loan Fees

  • "No Closing Costs" option

  • Owner and Non-Owner Occupied

New 2019


Conventional Home Loans have become "commodity" solutions.  Loans must meet a consistent set of criteria and standards.


While fine for the majority of borrowers, there are cases in which borrowers have special situations that don't fit within conventional guidelines or standards.  


Portfolio loans provide for more underwriting flexibility in the following scenarios:


  • If you own 5 or more financed properties

  • Extensive liquid assets but low income

  • Properties owned in an LLC or Corporation

  • Unique income or pay structures, & more


Call or email us with your specific scenario.





As a reaction to the financial meltdown of past years, qualifying for a conventional home loan requires a full analysis and approval of your income, assets, credit rating & other factors. 


If you just can't meet those standards, Stated Income Home Loans have made a comeback to help those who don't quite fit the traditional profile of the "full documentation" borrower.


We offer a variety of stated and alternate income options in which income is verified via non-traditional means or solutions in which limited or no tax returns are required.


Stated and Alternative income home loans can provide a viable solution for self-employed and commissioned borrowers.


"My community bank does not offer 30 year fixed rate home loans.  However, my banker referred me to Bankers Fidelity.  The quality of service and personal attention...not to mention great rates...was unsurpassed!  My banker is my "go to" for all of my financial needs.  He certainly came through once again! 

Reuben H.  - Homeowner

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