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Below is a sampling of recent closings.  BFCA is a one-stop source that provides financing options for
a variety of borrower and property types:
APARTMENT BUILDING                                             "A" QUALITY SPONSOR
$2,850,000 REFINANCE                                          "A" QUALITY PROPERTY

The investor client wanted to refinance this "trophy" property in his portfolio.  He called on his banker to offer a preferred interest rate with no prepayment penalty.  In addition he wanted a 15 year fully amortized fixed rate. The banker's interest rates were not low enough nor could they provide a term longer than 10 years.  Lastly, they required a prepay penalty on all loans.  The banker referred the loan to us and we accommodated the client with a lower rate, 15 year fixed, and no prepay penalty

INDUSTRIAL BUILDING                                          "A" QUALITY SPONSOR
$4,300,000 PURCHASE                                          "A" QUALITY PROPERTY

A banker's best customer approached him to provide financing for this multi-tenant concrete tilt-up industrial building.  The banker's dilemma?  The client had reached the banker's lending limit.  Rather than see the customer take his business to a competing bank where he risked losing the customer relationship, he referred the client to us.  We provided a rate under 4.00%.  BFCA does not require banking relationships.  Therefore, the banker kept the relationship and the client was pleased.

OFFICE CONDOMINIUM                                       "B" QUALITY SPONSOR
$475,000 PURCHASE                                                "B" QUALITY PROPERTY

This owner-user wanted to purchase one unit in an office condominium project for his maintenance business.  He was just an average borrower financially and the property had deferred maintenance.  Furthermore, he could not find competitive interest rates due to the smaller size of the loan request.  BFCA came through with a 30 year amortized loan at market rates with a holdback for the deferred maintenance.

$975,000 REFINANCE                                         "C" QUALITY PROPERTY


Borrower needed to pay off exising loan coming due. The subject property was single purpose and  had primary value in the land with extensive deferred maintenance.  We turned to our private investor fund who overlooked the issues and provided bridge financing to pay off the existing lender.

VACATION HOME                                                    "A" QUALITY SPONSOR
$780,000 REFINANCE                                                 "A" QUALITY PROPERTY


In addition to commercial lending options,  BFCA provides competitive interest rates for mainstream home loans from $200,000 to $5,000,000.  This was referred by a bank that did not offer home loans but did not want his high-depositor client to shop with other larger banks.  We funded the loan at a below market interest rate.  The pleased borrower thanked his banker for taking care of him.



A Manufacturing concern approached his banker for a working capital line of credit.  The company reported losses for the past two years and had other sponsorship issues.  While not a "bankable" deal, we determined that the company had a quality receivables base along with high-valued equipment and finished goods.  We overlooked the sponsorship issues and provided an asset-based facility to meet their needs.

LUXURY HOME                                                     "B" QUALITY SPONSOR
$2,475,000 PURCHASE                                            "A" QUALITY PROPERTY

(Asset-Wise Underwriting-- see below)


This good bank client with a very large 401k and stock portfolio was retired and had limited ongoing income.  However, we used our Asset-Wise portfolio program in which we extrapolate an estimated investment return and apply that number to act as qualifying income for the loan.  No change in any way to his current investment management and no pledged or restricted assets of any kind.  A great option for "wealth management' clients.

$410,000                                                                   "C" QUALITY PROPERTY                                    

The borrower had poor credit and imcomplete financials.   The subject property was a conversion from residential to commercial use and needed work, which was the purpose of the loan.  We determined that the situation met the minimum standards for collateral lending:  Sufficient equity, ability to make the payments, and a viable exit plan.  We made the loan based on those minimum standards.

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