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Focusing on the real estate equity (collateral) more than Borrower financial strength


As mentioned, private loans are primarily collateral-based which makes them attractive to borrowers who have sufficient property equity but perhaps have credit or financial challenges.


But if a property does not have sufficient collateral for the requested loan, 2 or more properties can be combined under one lien to create sufficient equity to justify the request. 


Borrowers who own several properties can often benefit by combining a residence, rental properties, and commercial properties as long as the use of funds is for business purpose.


Our loan documents are fully customizeable to handle unique and creative loan structures.



Recent banking legislation and federal guidelines make it difficult for commercial

banks to offer lending options that are outside

of the mainstream.  


Bridge Loans are shorter term loans (1-5 years)  designed to take care of your financial needs until you can once again meet the "bankable" standards required by banks and their regulators.


Banks are not collateral lenders, but bridge lending DOES put an emphasis on the property's equity and less importance on the borrower's financials. 


Therefore, these loans "bridge the gap"  to give you time to improve your financial condition

and become bankable again.



Bankers Fidelity offers "business use" lines of credit for those borrowers who cannot meet the financial standards of commercial banks.


These lines can be secured by owner and non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties and are designed for the business owner who has on-going temporary cash flow needs.


Borrowers only pay interest on the amount borrowed at a particular time.  No interest accrues when the line balance is zero.


Typical terms are 1 to 2 years and can be renewed assuming that all payments have been made on time.


Call us for more details...


Private Investor Solutions are limited to "Business Use of Funds".  Some exceptions apply.  Call for Details

I applied with 5 different banks for a business loan secured by my commercial building.  They all turned me down until I was finally referred to Bankers Fidelity.  They understood my situation and made me a bridge loan to give me time to ressurect my business so that I could once again be in the good graces of a conventional bank.

Reuben H.  - Business Owner

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